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Miss call Alert

Pwtech’ an efficient system of missed call alert services in India, USA, Europ and Affrica. We make use of advanced applications that are automated as per the requirement of the clients. Our IVR services in in India, USA, Europ and Affrica for missed calls make it possible for you to get notified whenever you are unable to take calls on the dedicated phone numbers. In addition to that, we also allow the users to avail the service of professional greetings for the callers as well as customized voices on mobile phones, personal numbers, local numbers and so on.

Pwtech’ helps you to remain connected even when there are unavoidable issues like poor networks, distances and other barriers whatsoever. Our plans can be booked for a month or on a quarterly/ annual basis as per your individual requirements. Suited for several sectors, our missed call alerts can be modified for setting up of auto emails, call forwarding and building of databases too.

Every business needs a close bond with their clients. we provides a unique dedicated toll-free number which helps business owners to generate leads, customer support, customer feed-back, customer call-back service user registration, pledge campaign etc.

At times it becomes necessary for every website owner to ascertain the authenticity of the users signing in to their portal or buying any products online. We provides a unique toll-free number to verify the mobile number of such visitors, to prevent any possible fraud.

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Virtual Number

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IVR services in India, USA, Europ and Affrica make it possible to route calls to the phone numbers as desired by you. We offer a dynamic and innovative virtual number service in India, USA, Europ and Affrica that is both powerful and cost effective. The technology used by King Digital is perfectly created to include useful features like call recording, bespoke welcome messages, on- call conferencing, voice mails and several other aspects like notifications for following up with leads.

King Digital lets you improve the efficiency as well as the productivity of your business by improving your efforts for marketing through services of virtual numbers that can prove to be a boost to your communication strategies in several ways. Our services are formulated to ensure that you business associates as well as clients are able to be in your touch all the time. You can feel free to consult us for further details about the services related to virtual numbers.

Toll Free Number

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There are many companies who are following the trend of specialised toll free numbers in India, USA, Europ and Affrica that are best suited to their nature of business, client based and target market or audience. King Digital strongly recommends the inclusion of toll free IVR services in India, USA, Europ and Affrica as they can prove to be a very efficient tool for many businesses. The many ways in which toll free numbers can be useful for you are stated below: – Get feedbacks from your clients or customers
– Allow your customers to reach you easily for queries
– Provide a source for taking complaints about your services or products
– Generate leads through the toll free numbers

The customized toll free numbers that are provided by King Digital are easy to memorize and quite affordable to maintain. There can also be different categories of toll free numbers which can be discussed after a thorough understanding of your business and target audience.

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Pwtech are an outstanding firm in the world of SEO. An absolute pleasure to deal as well as to provide an excellent service to us. Our results have been very impressive within a short period of time and we continue working with them in future.

Kartik Manager – qatar-telp

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Uptill now,we worked with various design teams every year,but Pwtech is an outstanding talented team with excellent customer service.We will not hesitate to recommend Pwtech to our future groups and we continue working with you in future.

Vikas CEO – Singapore-zonj

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It was an fantastic experience working with Pwtech. They were friendly, fast and efficient,submitting our projects on time, within budget. From conception to completion of the website, their advice on what would work best for us was always smart and insightful.We look forward to working again, and again, in the future.

Sebasti CEO – Finland-Basti


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